Jump Ball Blast Online

Arcade games will be the best option to share with your friends and compete for a fun time! Jump Ball Blast Online is an interesting arcade game of shooting blocks and monster balls from Friv land. The gameplay is so simple yet incredibly addictive, even for the new players. Your character will stand in the middle of the game screen while you need to control the movement to shoot all the items.

By dragging the mouse left and right, the character will move accordingly. Be prepared because the items will drop randomly from the sky. Moreover, when these things hit the ground, they will bounce back, which makes it even more difficult to aim precisely. However, it will be fun to run around and make the shots! Can you see the number on each item? The bigger number means that you need to shoot at it more times.

For example, it takes 3 successful shots to break down an item with number 3 on it and so on. At http://frivclassic.net/, you can play the game over and over again for as long as you like and for free! Keep in mind that another task is to collect drop items to unlock new cannons and upgrade to get the better weapons and shooting force. More games such as Veggie Slicer and Kakato Otoshi will also bring the fun to your playtime, so check them out now!

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to move the character.