Crazy Jump

Jumping car gives you an exciting new journey when you join the Crazy Jump game at There are many people who will dance on the island with you and your mission is to Jump until the end of the game and only you on the island. You can jump high to fly other opponents into the sea. In addition, the land will also sink into the sea.

Therefore, you need to move to another position to not sink. The game will end if you fail or be knocked down by other opponents. This is an interesting game until you win the final and safe victory on your last island. You feel like you're entering a world filled with joy and jumping over many obstacles in front of you. Those are the strongest opponents on the planet.

Your skin color and silhouette will change when you collect the presents that appear in this game at Friv new game online. And when you take down all your opponents, you will become the best. Challenge your jumping ability when you join this game. The tallest opponents will cause you to fall into the water or fall out. Can you control your movement in this game? Overcome all enemies and become the best player in the rankings.

We suggest giving players lots of gaming tips that you can save to overcome all challenges. You can become a child and join this game with friends. The space of the game will help you relax and be more comfortable. In addition, you also have the opportunity to easily search and discover new games on our website like and Agar.Wtf

Instruction to play:

Hold down the left mouse button to move and release the mouse button if you want to jump high