Agar.Wtf is one of the fun relaxing games at friv online Games. Players will move automatically and attack smaller circles or eat them. You will become bigger and bigger. However, stay away from the big circles because you can die at any time. Your points will be calculated by the circles you collect in this game. Do not miss the opportunity to raise your score.


Join the game and relax in your free time today. friv 4 games have chosen this game and introduced it to players all over the world. With simple gameplay, the player completely conquered the game with the highest score. You also have the opportunity to hold contests and see who will be the winner in this game with the highest score. Move your circle the most flexible and eat different circles appearing on the way.


Are you ready for this challenge on our website? keep up the latest games for players to join and help them relax after stressful working hours. You are not bothered by ads or other factors. That's great when you can explore the world without encountering any obstacles. The circles with different colors are both a sparkling and mysterious world. Take your time and start the journey.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Hover over the different paths to move your circle and avoid the bigger circles that are chasing you