Wheelie Cross

Step on the pedal and perform the infinite Wheelie Cross now! It's a recently added game at Friv kid game where you take over the cool dirt tracks with your trusty bike. The best racer shall be the one who can take advantage of the power and speed of the bike to bring out tons of tricks and incredible stunts.

Moreover, the more you drive, the further you can reach. The system here will keep track of your old and new records so that you will know how good you are doing in comparison to the last time. If you can control the bike flexibly, you will be able to drive for a long time. Keep out for all the awesome futuristic vehicles at the store at http://frivclassic.net/. How can you unlock this?

By driving furiously, you will gain currency as rewards. Use those coins to purchase or unlock a new bike or update to optimize your range and capacity. The whole essence of the game is about balancing the wheelie in the longest time. Mastering your acceleration will be crucial as well.

Yet, if you step on the pedal a little too hard, the speed will be uncontrollable. While driving, the players might even have to jump off ramps which are higher above the head. Can you land safely and keep your bike intact? Don't miss out on other unique tracks with games like Bear Race and Real Impossible Track 3D

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or up arrow to hit the pedal.