Brick Out

Following the movement of the white ball in Brick Out is one thing, but making sure that all the bricks are perfectly smashed is another difficult task. There is no such thing as predictable gameplay in this Friv new game since you will have to follow the ball closely to find out where it will hit next.

You only have a limited chance to use the ball and break the bricks one by one. If you fail to capture the ball and bounce it back to the block, the game will be over in the blink of an eye. Your reflex will be trained using this spin on the classic, colorful arcade genre. First, launch that ball towards the block filled with individual brick pieces and try to navigate the ball towards to place that you want. Make sure that it's clambered from side to side to not only keep it balance but also hit the right target.

There is also a limited time range of 2 minutes, therefore, be quick or else your chance will pass. This has become one of the most popular games for kids at thanks to the vivid effects, colorful backgrounds as well as the updated challenges to keep it interesting.

Moreover, prepare yourself to gather tons of power-ups falling randomly from the sky such as the rockets, balls of flame, health boosters, extra lives, and so on! Have fun with other similar games from the collection of arcade such as Adam and Eve 7 and Tetris

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to bounce the ball.