Barrel Jump

It takes a great skateboarder to control the board and make the best jump without slowing down or crashing. Your job in Barrel Jump, the online game for kids from Friv 2020 with the theme of an arcade game, is to make sure that the cat manages to leap over obstacles. Don't crash into them or else the speed of the cat will be slowed down, which prevents you from creating the best stunts!

The concept is simple as an obstacles-dodging game, but balancing between staying in the game for a long time and achieving a high score ain't no easy feat. As you skate down the street, make sure that you notice the collection of barrels of varying shapes and sizes. Will you be able to clear them with a single leap and hop? Sometimes, there will be more than just one barrel that you need to overcome.

Moreover, search for the extra skateboarding icon to use the special feature of launching you twice as high into the air. Do a fabulous backflip on your way down to enjoy the best of the game at! It's all about choosing the perfect timing to jump that is not too early nor too late. Your speed will automatically increase to make it harder to cross out a barrel.

How long can you go with the cat to enjoy the journey? Feel free to dive into the huge collection with famous games like Flappy Rocket and Kite Kittens later! 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to make the cat jump.