The streets in this Friv driving game are calling for the best biker in Bmx Kid free game! Would you like to take a chance and show the world your amazing skills of dodging the street signs, obstacles and security guards? Let's hop on the famous BMX and start to ride! You will join the journey to go on tons of new levels, each with its environment filled with new obstacles and challenges.

Your job, as to win the title of the best biker, will be to pump those pedals and pick up speed on time. Choosing the perfect timing will be extremely important in grinding on guard rails to make sure that you will not flip over obstacles. Don't forget another important task of snatching up coins and do it before any other player manage to get to your location.

The best players will be able to survive the race while successfully hitting every jump in this game at! Feel free to choose your rider model, load up the arcade mode to experience the nonstop thrilling sensation. Or go with the survival mode for a more endurance-focused kind of race.

It's up to your to enjoy this tough BMX game during your free time. Wiping out trophies here and there on the racing tracks to boost your total scores as well. Enjoy the high-speed chase and gain your collection of three-stars awards in more games like Police Cop Car Simulator City Missions and Santa Gift Race

Instruction to play:

Play using the arrow keys.