Pixel Farm

Minecraft lovers, welcome to the perfect adaptation of this famous game here at Friv games! Pixel Farm is built based on the inspiration of the classic Minecraft but with many twists and updates. Not only is it a great 3D online game with plenty of opportunities for you to create your own farm but you can also explore and show the best of your creativeness.

It's the chance to give full play to your imagination and creativity because there is no limit when it comes to building in this game. The only obstacle that you are going to face is the shortage of money, therefore, you will have to keep collecting more and more objects to make sure that you have enough resource to fund your little pixel farm.

In order to cultivate the most fruitful farm, first, use the free coins and purchase your variety of seeds from the store. Since there is not much money, you will only be able to purchase a few types only. You will need to wait for the crop to fully grow and collect them at the right time. Don't leave them there for too long or the productivity of the soil will decrease. Also, sell the earned crop at the market to gain even more money! Then, continue the process of growing crops as you did before.

Not only boys but girls also can take part in this fun game at http://frivclassic.net/! Other games with the same genre are available exclusively for you such as Pudding Monster and Merger Jewels

Instruction to play:

Interact and zoom in and out with the mouse button, move with the arrow keys.