Master Archery Shooting

Master Archery Shooting is for the advanced shooters who are looking for a whole new world filled with challenges and hard-to-shoot targets. This is one of the most realistic simulation game with the fabulous art animation to make the players feel as if they are actually shooting in a vivid setting. Use the feed to capture all targets.

Your job in this Friv free game is to control the bow and arrow as the first person, then aim and shoot at any targets available insight. The targets will move or stay in one place depending on the stages that you are taking. A variety of different requirements is prepared with 50 different levels so that you can freely emerge in this virtual world.

Take the time to get used to the controlling of the arrow before taking any real shot to prevent losing unnecessary scores. Whether they are the setting or the moving targets, it's your task to try to hit them using your given limited number of arrows. If you finish the requirements, you can move onto the next stage which is a bit more difficult. If you fail, practice more by replaying the current level.

All in all, it's fun and entertaining for kids of all ages so there is no reason for you not to try it out! Find out more daily-replenished games such as Zombie Massacre and Janissary Battles from our free website! 

Instruction to play:

Drag and click the mouse to interact and shoot.