Active Runner

Start panicking and run like crazy through the maze of obstacles in Friv running game: Active Runner! It's the best fun experience you can get for a running game that allows you to run through a large platform. Each boy and girl playing this one will be in charge of controlling his or her own runner. In order to survive, you have to make it from one checkpoint to another while avoiding the deadly obstacles.

Moreover, staying on the ground and keeping the balance are also two crucial elements in this game. As obstacles are the main parts of this game, you should prepare yourself for a variety of blocks, spikes, walls and many others. They will prevent you from getting to the win zone by getting into your way. If you collide with any of them, the game is over immediately.

Do you know that you can even choose to slow down the time in this game at It's the highlight feature to make the game even more exciting and thrilling! When you join the map, start moving right away. Drifting and leaning to the left and right in the right timing will be the two most important things that the players need to pay attention to.

For some hard parts like a weird-shaped wall or too high blocks, you will have to be smart to overcome them. Other games like Rob Runner and Cube The Runners will give more chances for you to show off your flexibility! 

Instruction to play:

Use A, D or left and right arrow to move.

Jump with the space bar.

Use the right mouse button to slow time.