Facepuch.io is an intense multiplayer boxing game which is playable on friv games online for free. This io game let you fight against various people from the different areas around the world. You become a martial arts master and your main mission is to defeat as many players as you can and stay alive as long as possible.

No one has the weapon in the game, just fight with the bare fists. Before you enter the arena, you must choose a favorite character. There are 3 characters: Boxer, Foxer, and Snowball. After that, choose your skin color such as green, yellow, red, blue and so on. You must punch and hurt your enemies with your bare fists. For each time you attack your enemies, they get hurt and you can you deplete your enemy’s health bar. Whenever their bars run out, they die and disappear and you are the same in friv games for school. Thus, try your best to avoid punching, maybe you should boost your speed to run away from them. You can also sustain damage when you get punched, but your health bar will also deplete if you are attacked many times.

Move around the field to collect the blobs to gain experience and to fill your level bar. They can help you level up as well as heal your health. Your character will progress to the next level and gain extra health points when the bar is full! Furthermore, you can unleash a deadly special attack that does mass damage if you are the reigning champion of the ring. Keep moving, attack your opponents and gain many blobs to level up. Attempt to become the master of this world.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to move, use the left click or spacebar to punch, and right click to use special skill.