Car driving games are the funniest and most exciting games since there are tons of challenges waiting for you. With Barrier, it's time you learned the skills to move through the barriers on the road. In this newly developed car driving game that Friv land created exclusively for the cars lovers. You will claim the role of a professional driver for a day in this game. The goal is to make sure that you survive the race. How can you do that?

By moving left and right at the right moment, you will excel in collecting the golden coins and claim the title of the winner. Fans of cars will also learn how to control the F1 car because of the swift movement and dangerous drifts. The higher the levels, the harder it is to move around the barriers. As those barriers are placed closer and closer, beware of the small gaps in order to open up the path. It's important to decide the direction of the car expediently.

During the race, remember to collect the coins at the same time as you avoid the obstacles. There is no other place like with such an amazing design theme and smooth transition between scenes and levels. If you manage to master the basics of the game quickly, you can enjoy the thrill of this driving game later!

It doesn't matter if you haven't got any experience. Just try it out and we guarantee the best time of your life! Keep it up with the other driving games like Motor Hill Bike Racing and Avoid The Tow Truck

Instruction to play:

Controls: Move the car with the keyboard or the mouse.