Real Flight Simulator 2

What will you do to control your plane and avoid the enemy's attack in Real Flight Simulator 2 at Frivgame? In this game, the player will fly their plane and fight against the opponent without losing. If you hit an object, the aircraft will explode. Therefore, do not forget to look closely at the objects appearing in the sky or other planes that are attacking you.


A whole new adventure with all the players participates in this game. You will become the bravest warriors and also a great pilot. Different games always bring players exciting relaxing moments. If you love this plane battle at friv for free, quickly discover it today before your friends win. Do not forget to share with other players so they have the opportunity to play games without being bothered by ads or other factors.


The map will help you with this game as you move and master the sky. Get ready for all the challenges and reach the highest score to complete the mission in this game. This is one of the games ranked on our website by the fun of it. keep up with the latest games with different versions and surprise the players with special themes. You can save games to play in your spare time with basic gaming tips and flying skills as well as join new wars on our website.


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Instruction to play:

How to play:

E for engine start,

0 to 9 for engine power,

Arrows for direction.

Press H for more detailed controls