Garfield Sentences

Learn how to use proper English with Garfield in three different game modes: Practice, Titles, Types. Garfield Sentences is the perfect choice for kids to learn English and it's all free in Friv land! In the game, you need to connect the available words in order to turn them into the full sentences. The longer the sentences the better! 


If you manage to create hard words, extra scores will be given to you. It is good for children's enlightenment and enjoyable time while coordinating the lessons. It's both a fun game and an educational game. If you like English or you have kids in your family, how about checking this game out? For each turn, you need to move the available words on the screen to its correct position under the arrow keys. Your mistakes will be shown on the top of the game screen. Keep the minimum wrong number and you will be able to collect the highest scores.


If you happen to be stuck in some sentences, don't hesitate to use the hints and move on. However, remember that the number of hints is limited so use them wisely. Garfield will teach you how to make the full sentences if you choose to play the Practice mode. But in the Titles and Type modes, you have to conquer the challenge and the quizzes on your own. Show us your amazing English skills with this game at! More puzzle games that are also free such as Mr Bean Pattern Bridge and Word Chef Cookies.

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the words to their correct positions.