Slompkins Club

IO games are bringing the kids at Friv free games tons of fun moments thanks to the most open map with real-time players from all over the world. Another one in this category is gaining all the attention these days. It's Slompkins Club, a new IO game where it involves some kind of friendly monsters. All that the monsters want is to get some food to ease their hunger.

Each player starts off the game with his or her own character and then move around eating food to grow. Keep out for the bigger opponents! The main rules of an io game are kept in this game at as well. Larger monsters always try to devour smaller ones. Let's run to avoid being eaten by one of these creatures. If your character crashes into the bigger Slompkins, the game is over.

Therefore, it' very important that you help him absorb lots of delicious treats to become the biggest and fattest monster. Only by doing so will he survive this intense battles of moving monsters. Just grow as much as you can first, then you can do whatever you want! Exploring will be so much fun when the characters are big enough to dodge the attack. The game also records the match stats to help you improve the performance.

Check out the stats for the opponent who killed you, the time you survived on the map, the kills, the last positions, and the best scores. All these contribute to enhancing your skills with later trials. How about other io games such as and Crazy Jump? Play them for free! 

Instruction to play:

Move around using the mouse cursor.