Words Cracker

Brainstorming games such as the famous puzzle games from Friv land have always been the suitable choices for the simple yet addictive playtime. With a new virtual version of crosswords in Words Cracker, the players can have fun solving the crosswords which have modern features. There is no need to make your eyes suffer from all the complicated pages of crosswords from the newspaper.

The players are required to find out all correct words from scattered letters during each trial. However, instead of filling in the blank with the words, you will have to move the letters upward and downward. The purpose is to spell a word in the center row. If the word is considered as a good choice, its color will change to green to signify the players. In order to pass the levels, it's crucial that all of the lines turn into green.

Only then will you be able to take up the new challenge on the higher levels. The game starts off quite easy with simple words which even little kids can find. As you progress to higher bands, more difficult and longer words appear along with more lines to switch. Core words will be harder to locate since they need to make sense to be considered a good word.

With this brain-teasing game from http://frivclassic.net/, you can expand your vocabulary and have the simple leisure of moving the letters around! Keep searching for more words with other puzzle games like Omg Word Pop and Classic Word Search

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to move the lines up and down.