Puppet Soccer Challenge

Puppet Soccer Challenge game is one of those games designed for people who love football games online. With different challenges, the player needs to hit the goal to reach a certain score. The various obstacles that are selected appear in this game at gy game free. If you do not pass them, the game will end.


Players can manually adjust the direction of the ball and the strength to shoot the ball so that the ball can hit the goal without slipping out. Surely you are used to this game and will try to see how you can play to any level. The various obstacles constantly appear and become increasingly difficult at the next level. If you kick the ball to hit the stars, you will improve your score. friv exciting games choose this football game for players who need to practice their football skills.


Continuous penalties lead you to new challenges you have not encountered in any game. You will have to adjust the direction and strength of the ball so that the ball can overcome obstacles and reach the goal accurately. Please determine the correct direction of the ball before shooting.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Click your left mouse button to adjust the speed and direction of the ball