Soap Cutting

Enjoy the freedom of chopping and smashing the soaps whichever way you want in this new Friv online game called Soap Cutting! If you are looking for satisfying gameplay that is perfect for relaxation purposes, this one is your go-to choice! Not only kids but adults of all ages have chosen this as their favorites to hang out with after a long day at work.

To play the game, you just need to control the knife to chop down the soap. The final goal is to reveal what is hidden inside this huge piece of soap, but the satisfaction of chopping down on the smooth surface is undeniable. Moreover, this arcade simulation game comes with the 3D realistic art animation for further enjoyment. How long will it take you to cut all the soap pieces up?

There is no limitation on how long you have to finish it or how many scores you have to gain. The fun thing is to try and unlock the latest type of knives from the collection at Get to 500 gold coins and find out the extra gifts from the game!

This type of game is suitable for daily play, but if you are looking for more genres, come to experience the famous games like Farting Pig and Chubby Birds on the website later! Prepare your gear, a set of knives and dive into the task of chop-chop! 

Instruction to play:

Click using the mouse or tap on the mobile screen to play.