There is no need to vent your anger out on realistic objects and cause damage. Just come and enjoy the satisfaction of Draw.io, a relaxation game from Friv school game that is suitable for de-stressing and brings leisure to our lovely players. Rather than a multiplayer arcade genre, this game has the prominent feature of simplicity with excellent 3D game art animation. There is no restriction on which area the players can paint on.

Feel free to draw whatever you like on whichever section on the canvas platform. The goal is to be the player who can smear the most paint to cover the most surface on the huge blank space. Each player has his or her color, so after a while, the map at friv at school will be fulfilled with so many pretty different kinds of colors that are fun to look at.

By drawing faster, you will be rewarded with a bigger brush to use later in the game. Coins are also given for the top-rank players on the Leaderboard as well. Another fun thing that you will experience here is the crossover between real-time players. It's fun to see another kid draw over your existed mark or images! Since the game is for free, you can gather some of your friends and join the same server to share this high-quality io game online!

There are a lot of cool platforms such as Amaze and 8 Ball Pool With Friends  to spice up your playtime, don't forget to check them out!

Instruction to play:

Draw and interact using the mouse cursor.