Shopping Cart Hero

One of the games with the best art animation at Friv land must be Shopping Cart Hero, where the players can enjoy the thrill of pushing the cart with the smooth transition and best graphics. Emerge in the free spirit of a teenager and explore the funniest distance game right here! You will take on the role of a brave stickman who has just hopped on a shopping cart.

In order to create stunning and daring stunts, you need to use the pushing power to speed downhill. The faster you move your cart, the more tricks you can create on air. While being mid-air at, show us the best stunts with flips, rolls, hops, and many more techniques. The most important element that decides the speed of the cart is the launching power. In order to get the best launch, stop the arrow on the launch power bar at the point that you wish.

Then, purchase some boosters to reach the max power from the store. After each turn, don't forget to revisit the store to check out new updates. Of course, a perfect landing is just as crucial as a good start. Try your best and reach as far as possible on the floor. It will be even better to advance to the end of the field on your trusty cart!

You can also collect coins or use the bat to destroy the objects that intervene with your movement. Distance and altitude tricks are available as well. Other games like Dumb Ways to Die 2 and Sausage Flip come with different features, so check them out later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the cart.