Snow Plow Jeep Driving

It's the winter season, and it only means one thing: snow. The snow has filled up the streets in Friv online games and we are desperately in need of a driver for the Snow Plow Jeep Driving game. Would you like to join force and enjoy the satisfaction of clearing up the snow pile by pile and reveal the shiny roads underneath?

Let's hop in the driver seat and start driving now! The fun thing in this 3D jeep driving game is not just the realistic graphics and amazing vibrant vibe. It's also the quick gameplay and the limited time range, which pushes you to do your best so as to finish in time.

Your job is to clean up the roads by pushing the snow aside. You can choose to go in lines and clear up the place or go randomly on your own. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the most important thing is to constantly drive your jeep to collect the snow and finish off the task by delivering them to the target area. Keep track of the clock since the time is limited.

Once the timer runs out, you can't drive any further and the record is set. Let's see how many minutes does it take for you to make the streets squeaky clean at! Explore the game collection to play more festive games such as Escape The Fuzz and Space Rush later. 

Instruction to play:

Drive using the arrow keys, interact with the mouse.