Escape The Fuzz

In this Escape The Fuzz game, you have successfully robbed the bank and gathered your bag of money. All you need to do now is to make sure that you and your buddies can outrun the troops of policemen that are hot on your heels! Your team just came crashing out of the bank doors in this Friv game, and now it's time to speed up. The task is to run away from the police and to grab more items on your way.

The gameplay of it kinda resembles the classic game called Subway Surfer, but this time, there are plenty of obstacles and challenges to make the game more thrilling. Use the car to drive away from the police instead of running only! Moreover, if you manage to grab some useful items on the way such as a powerup for faster speed, or a better getaway car, your escape plan will become much more feasible!

Give the cops a surprise if you manage to grab some bombs or gas guns as well. While the powerup turns your car into a huge steamroller, make sure that you take advantage of it to increase the distance.

Don't spill any of the money bags on the road of! From the collection of fast-paced games, we have many other choices for your entertainment such as BMX Kid and Limo Simulator. Come and play without a cost! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or arrow keys to drive.