Traffic Run 2

 It's all about moving, stopping and speeding up at the right timing to win the challenges from Traffic Run 2! This is a cool online game from Friv online 2019 with the best graphics and fun gameplay for the fan of arcade games. Just like the original version, your job in this new version remains unchanged. You will control a car’s speed while moving on a highway full of vehicles.

The car will automatically move, so all you have to do is click and release the button to stop. The main goal for all levels is to reach the finish line within the shortest time frame. However, the tough part is that while moving, make sure that your car doesn't hit other cars or trains that share the same line as yours. You can do this by joining the intersection and curve roads at the right timing to avoid any collision. New cool sports cars can be purchased using your gained coins from the road.

Do your best and you might be able to gather all the models from the store at friv kids Games ! The game even has an additional feature where you can test out your luck. Spin the slot to earn some money and unlock the special car models! If you fail to finish any level, just simply start again from the first line.

It's one simple yet entertaining options, therefore, don't miss out the chance! Keep up with the recently updated games like Park The Taxi and Real Impossible Track as well!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Move and stop using the mouse.