Mr Bean Pattern Bridge

Mr. Bean starts his journey to find the precious diamonds and becomes a great archeologist! At the site, he wants to cross the long bridge, but he needs some mathematical intelligence in order to do so as the bridge is made of numbers. There is a rule to build up these numbers and the players at Friv land are the only ones who can find out. Let's help him calculate to conquer the journey.


Your job is to first find out the rules and add a number according to that rule. Then, when Mr. Bean successfully chooses the number, you both will find the treasure after crossing the long bridge. The numbers might have a gap of 5, 10 or 15. Just add the gap to the previous number and check to see if that fits into the whole sequence on the bridge. It's a great game with a cartoon character who will help you learn more about the basic math. Not only will you have fun with Mr. Bean at but your calculating skills will also improve significantly after a few rounds.


The graphics of the game are also cute with bright colors and detailed hand-drawn picture. Easy as it sounds, you have to keep in mind that you only have six hearts, which means that you are only allowed to fail six times. If you choose the wrong number more than that, the game is over. Don't lose any diamond and explore the other adventures with Mr Bean Hidden Bells and Rolling Cat

Instruction to play:

Drag the number to the missing block and release to place it.