Cellz.io is the super fun battle royal game which you can play on friv best games for free. This is an io game, so you can compete against loads of other online players coming from the different countries. The game can make you happy and relaxed depending on its diversified rules and attractive features.

Before playing, you can choose your area, name your character and select your language. You can also log in to get the bonus coins. After that, choose your game mode. We have totally 4 game modes to play. The first one is FFA, in which you can't team with anyone. The second one is Big FFA. It differs from FFA in two things: in big FFA, you can team with your friends and everything is bigger and you can easily see it when you join this game mode. The third server is MegaSplit, in which you can not only split into 64 pieces but also can feed faster and you have the ability to do solo tricks. In addition, you can team with your friends in this game mode of friv best games! The last one is Instant which is already known by everyone. You can merge way faster than the other game modes. Besides, you can team but most of the players play solo.

The game will test your skill and tactical know-how. To grow in size, you must quickly absorb the smaller randomly generated cells which are positioned around the map. You can absorb anything smaller in size than yourself including other players! However, it means that you can be absorbed too!

In addition to this, you are able to split into multiple smaller cells to cover more map area as an added ability. Attempt to hunt down the other players and become the largest cell around.

Please rate the game highly and leave your comments for us. Tell your friends about the game and invite them to play with you. Follow us on http://frivclassic.net/ for more games such as Cocky.io and CatMouse.io.

Instruction to play:

Use the Spacebar to split, W to feed, Q to do a double split, and T to do a maximum split.