Zero Collision

Inside this round racing tracks, only the best racers who can adapt under pressure will survive! Test your sets of driving skills in Zero Collision with your friends for the enjoyable playtime right now! This is a new game for kids from Friv land. It's a simple game in which the players will have to race around the tracks while trying to avoid the opposite direction.

There are only two lanes and two directions to drive on in this game, but since your opponents will switch up the direction and lanes randomly, you need to be careful. If there are opposing cars approaching you, you need to think very quick to choose either another lane or another direction to switch to. It might be a little difficult to get used to at first.

However, after a few trials at, you will learn all the basics and necessary skills to be the winner. Not only do you need to dodge the collision with cars but you also have to avoid the other obstacles. Oil slicks and frost will push your car off the track, which increases the chance of crashing and burning. The scores will be calculated based on how many times you manage to switch successfully.

It will get harder after each turn due to the increasing speed, so stay focus! If you love this genre, try out other gaming selections like Road Of RampageCoach Bus Simulator and share with your friends! 

Instruction to play:

Click to change the lanes.