Helen Chic House Party

There is someone who definitely must show up at every party in Friv land. It's Helen, our fashion girl who has the best taste in both fashion and party planning. As she is going to throw a new party this week, why don't you come and help her out? You will be able to learn a lot about the process of planning a party while creating the best looks for her guests! The main theme for this one is a chic house party!

In order to bring out the best vibe, go for the sets of crop-tops, leather jackets, jeans, boots, camisole and many more. It's crucial for the part host to be one of the best-dressed in the room, therefore, your first task is to help Helen pick her own outfits. Channel your inner stylist and use the knowledge on the latest trends and techniques for mix and match to bring out the most beautiful features.

At http://frivclassic.net/, not only will you be in charge of creating the outfits for Helen but for her guests as well! So start off right away with one guest. She and her friends are so excited about this idea and it's up to you to carry it out smoothly! Keep in mind that it's all about the chic theme which has to be emphasized through the outfits and the hairstyles.

Don't forget about the large collection of accessories and heels to add the finishing touch to the outfits in general. Become the professional stylist with other girl games such as Baby Elsa In Kitchen and Princess Cool Color Vs Warm Color later! 

Instruction to play:

Play with the mouse.