Legend Street Fighter

Show your action style and the method of fighting in this new Friv action game: Legend Street Fighter! It's one of the choices that you must try if you are a fan of the old arcade games that you used to play in the game center. This one bears the same theme and gameplay, with the new updated layer of design that is much smoother and define.

You will control your own fighter, attend the street fights and try your best to defeat the enemy! The enemies will attack you in groups, which means that you need to show the ability to handle more than 1 target. Most of the movements as shown in this game will have the theme of boxing kicks and punches.

Use your knowledge on this field or learn more about the basics from this very game on your own! It's fun to learn how to perform all the perfect kicks and punches to defeat your enemies while avoiding the opponent's attack. Don't let them hit you too many times since it decreases your energy bar.

It's very important to keep check of the ground since there will be some weapons that you can use such as the knives, the sticks, and special boxes.There are a ton of other action games that you can explore later such as Cats Arena and Zombie Stalker at http://frivclassic.net/

Instruction to play:

Move with arrow keys

Z key to punch

X to kick

Use the spacebar to jump

C to defend.