Drive Boat

Navigating and searching for the missing passengers are the two most important tasks that you need to fulfill in Drive Boat, a new boat game taking place on the ocean at Friv online. Besides these two tasks, prepare to complete and overcome tons of challenges on your adventure! The players will get to look at the whole map from the perspective of the boat driver.

Remember the way to the destination, mark up the obstacles and the wrong paths that you need to avoid and you are good to go! Start the engine and it's time to explore this body of water. Many passengers are waiting for you at those location, therefore, it's crucial to pick up and reach the location on time. If they have to wait for too long, they might leave or get angry!

Make sure that you wait until all the passengers get on the boat to avoid leaving anybody behind. Can you see the scoreboard on the top of the game screen? Keep check of the scores, the fuel of the boat and other statistics to keep the game going smoothly.

It's the perfect soothing game from for your playtime since it's easy enough to enjoy without having to spend too much time learning the rules, yet thrilling enough to spice up the atmosphere. Spare some time and play more games with friends from all over the world like Snow Plow Jeep Driving and La Car Parking

Instruction to play:

Drive and interact using the mouse and the arrow keys.