Pvp Pong Challenge

Ping Pong has never been more interesting with a new setting and strange layout to make sure that you and your friend can enjoy a good game of PvP Pong Challenge! It's one of the free pong games which is suitable for players of all ages at http://frivclassic.net/ Like any ordinary ping pong game, the battle is for two players who will compete for the ultimate title of the winner. The winner should be the one who can score more than 5 times first.

Call your friend and combat to see which one will win the game! The unique point of this Friv game is the cool asteroid table. You will play ping pong on a round table which has the shape of an asteroid. Each player checks and protects his or her half of the table to make sure that the ball will not fall out under any circumstances. Since the rule is quite easy, you can master the game in no time! It's up to you to defeat your friend!

The individual scores are shown on the top of the screen so that you can keep track of the game's progress. The game trains you to move quickly and improve the movement of the finger. Don't hesitate or the ball will fall out of the table! Graphics also play an important role in this colorful and smooth game. Keep playing with more outstanding choices such as Monster Bricks and Peter Rabbit Maze

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Use Ctrl and Shift to move the paddle.

Player 2: Use arrow keys to move the paddle.