Out Of Mind

If you are looking for a simple lane-switching game but with a twist, this new Friv 2019 game might be a good option for you. In Out Of Mind, your job is to make sure that this maniac doesn't go out of his mind. How can you do that? The only way is to control him while letting him slay innocent people to stay alive.

This character will not be able to live without blood. Look at the energy bar on the top of the screen. When he kills someone, the bar will fill up a little bit. If he doesn't kill or go into the wrong lane, he will go into depression and the game is over. There will be innocent people on different lanes. You have to jump from one lane to another to kill those fast!

Choose the closest lanes to jump into so that you can successfully gain the energy. Moreover, the knife is not your sole weapon. The players here at http://frivclassic.net/ are also allowed to collect the rockets which can fly far beyond the limit of the screen to get more scores. Cute as the graphics might look, there will be some violent elements in this game, so look forward to it! It's only for relaxation purpose so nothing is too serious here.

You can also train your movement and the ability to switch back and forth between lanes so that you can pick the best location to take the cut. Other relaxation games just for you and your friends like Boom Village - A Minecraft Battlefield and Archer Master 3d: Castle Defence will also guarantee the best time! 

Instruction to play:

Use the up and down arrow keys to change lane, space bar to cut.