Piano Tiles 2

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist like Mozart or Chopin? Do you love music? Do you love listening to classical piano music? Well, now you will have a chance to become as great as these masters and satisfy your passion for music with Piano Tiles 2. Simple graphics, easy to play but super fun and hard to master, everyone tried it for the first time want to play it more and more.

In this gogi com game, you will play various famous songs on your own such as Jasmine, Happy Birthday to you, The Painter or The Swan. The rule is simple. Black is win and white is loose. It means you only click on the black tiles to create the rhythm and avoid the white ones.

Each tile is a note. The speed of the song is quite fast, so you have to quickly click on every black tile scroll down before they leave the screen at friv free. If you miss one of these tiles, you have to play again. So stay focused and try your best. Breath-taking melodies test your handspeed limit and reaction. Once you complete the first sone, you can't help yourself but want to conquer other songs because the game is so addictive and enjoyable.

Let’s see if you are able to master the keys of the piano like every famous pianist. Hope you have a great time here. Play more games available at http://frivclassic.net/. Some awesome choices for you are White Tile 2: Don't Tap It

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.