Color Me Pets 2

A coloring game will be the perfect choice to keep focus into an activity during the playtime. With Color Me Pets 2, kids from all around the world will emerge in a widely acclaimed coloring game for free. Not only will you be able to enjoy a relaxing and fun coloring time but the game also enables the players to expand the imagination. Moreover, you can acquire many benefits like learning the basics of coloring and painting with this Friv free game.


Which one in the two options will you pick? Would you like to do some coloring and transforming black and white pictures into colorful ones? Or would you like to test your own creativity by making a painting of your own? It's totally up to you! Both of them has its own specialties, so don't miss out on anything! In the coloring section, you can mix and match all the available colors so as to blend all of them nicely.


While in the creating section, it's time for you to grab your brushes and pens to build up a painting of your own. Don't forget to use some templates at if you want to add some extra details. Color many cute animals in the game, such as puppies and squirrels, and prove that you are a genius, little painter! With the amazing bright graphics and carefully-drawn frames, there is no doubt that you will enjoy this game! Artists also need to practice, so let's start now with other girl games like Princess Eye Makeup 2 and Countryside Friends

Instruction to play:

Choose the colors and interact using the left mouse.