Hangman Adventure

Do you know about the classic word game: Hangman? This time, the new version of it with Hangman Adventure will bring more updates and twists to this classic word game friv online where players can have endless fun. It's time to enjoy finding the words by guessing for free! The rules remain almost the same. The players need to guess the secret word one letter at a time in order to form the right word at the end.

There will be punishment if you fail to choose the right words. The knight will lose one candy for each wrong words so be careful with your choice. It's crucial that you figure out the full words before he runs out of the candies. Don't worry if you are not good at guessing. You can start off from the easy categories with some easy tasks, then make your way through the harder hangman words.

The game allows you to free the mind and consider every possible option at http://frivclassic.net/. There is no limit to the type or the category of the words shown on the game. Just be creative and use factors such as length of words, wrong and right letters, consonants and vowels to guess. Don't wait for too long before choosing the next letter or else the poor knight will end up in flames.

More than the basic word by word gameplay, this new version has fun characters which you can interact with, extended challenges and amazing graphics. Let's start playing with words! More puzzle games like Sweet Tooth Rush and Words Cracker might become your favorites as well, so check them out. 

Instruction to play:

Choose with the left mouse.