Jeff The Killer - Horrendous Smile

If you are interested in horror films especially exciting and thrilling films waiting for you, you can join Jeff The Killer - Horrendous Smile at friv free online games. The task of finding weapons and destroying all the strangers that appear in the house is waiting for you to discover. You will be frightened with sounds and laughter in this game.


The different rooms, in turn, appear in the game with blood pools and weapons on the floor. After finding the different weapons, you will use them to destroy the ghosts or mobile skeletons. It's horrible with this horror game. It makes you feel scared whenever you feel like someone is following you. friv play now bring this horror game for those who love to explore especially the ghost games.


The journey in the house depends on your ability to discover and especially when you encounter strangers that you must kill before they kill you. The food also constantly appears in the game that you have to get them to refuel. Go down and up the stairs to expand your exploration. After deciphering the level, upgrade to more difficult levels and overcome your own experience have updated the game of horror for players.


They are over 13 years old. You need to determine your age and psychological state before joining this game as well as games on the same topic as Afterlife: The Game. A mysterious and humor is waiting for you. Turn up the volume and feel the fear enveloping the house tonight!

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Arrows or WASD to move,

Mouse for the view,

Space to jump,

Shift for a run,

F to open the door