is a eat and grow .io game which is playable friv Games unblocked for school. You control an object that needs to eliminate other players by creating a boxing triangle. Grow your size by collecting scattered dots and freeze other players by moving over them. Enjoy!


In this game at friv free Games, the main goal of the player is to score the maximum possible number of balls and multiply your experience. This can be achieved in two ways: the usual gathering of colorful circles on the playing field or the destruction of rivals and the appropriation of their achievements. If with the first method in Triang io everything is clear, and then the second requires explanations.


In order to kill the enemy, you must first be lured into traps set up. Traps should preferably be located on the entire playing field at an equal distance from each other. The trap consists of three circles, each circle is a part of the life energy of the player. If an opponent falls into such an ambush, he will break, and his rating will go to the owner of the trap. 


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Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to move your character

Left click or space bar to drop a dot

Right click or F to run