King Rugni Tower Conquest

Defense games are no longer a strange genre to the players of Friv online, but with Tower Defense, we guarantee the best of gameplay, high-quality graphics and new rules that are added to turn this game into a great entertainment selection. Your job is to be the first king to be a success in conquering the most lands and territories.

As you enter the game, there are tons of enemies that are trying to take your land and lots of new territories to conquer. King Rügni has the special power of controlling elements like fire, water, earth, and air. Become his soldier and take part in his epic adventure while training to control the elementals so that you can gain the best techniques!

To make sure that no monsters are getting to the gate of your kingdom, you have to set up a dense defensive line along the path to the kingdom. The scattered placing of shooting machines and bombing machines will be suitable since you need time to shoot down the enemies. However, make sure that you check out the corner that they will move through and block all exit.

The more monsters that you kill, the more coins you can use to buy new archeries and update them for maximum damage range. Train some more with defense games like Towers: Card Battles and Tiger Simulator D and Defend Home to become the best commander at

Instruction to play:

Click to place the machines and choose the speed of the game.