Biscuit Man Papa

Biscuit Man Papa is an interesting arcade game which you can play on our website for free with no registration. By playing this game, you can check your responding ability. You will play in a chocolate-like color board which is made from plenty of brown squares. There are 4 boxes on the bottom of the screen with 4 colors: green, yellow, brown, and purple. In addition to this, green, yellow, brown, and purple are also the color of the biscuits at friv online game for free.

We have 4 kinds of cookies with 4 separate colors. For example, the green biscuits are mushrooms, the round heads wearing glasses are purple, the brown ones are pirate heads and the gingerbread men are in yellow. Your task is to make the crackers drop into the right boxes which have the same color. Touch the yellow biscuits and drag them to the column containing the same color box and then release them in friv for kids.

The game prepares you totally 12 levels to conquer. The higher level you are in, the more difficulties you can get. Each level requires its own target and it always increases. You must complete the previous level to be able to unlock the next one. For example, we need to get 100 points in the level 1. Then, attempt to gain 200 points to open level 3. You will lose the game if any biscuit falls down on the wrong box.

You are allowed to play this game in both chrome and safari or in smartphone and tablet. Introduce the game to your friends and challenge them. Rate us 5 stars to show your love with this game. Discover more interesting similar games such as Hot Dog Bush and Angrybirds Vs Zombies at

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to control the biscuits.