is a multiplayer car battle game which allows you to play on friv io games for free. In this game, you possess a modern car with a bumper to fight against various opponents who also have the bumpers. You have a chance to compete with many skillful players around the world.

Before playing, you can choose your car with a variety of colors such as red, blue, green, yellow and so on. There is a collection of sports cars, many of them are always available for you but many of them need you to unlock by killing a certain number of opponents or keeping yourself alive in a certain amount of time. In the beginning, you have a car with a short bumper. Control your car to move around the area of friv online games to collect as much nitro as possible. The nitro is the bright spots on the ground. You should approach and pick them up to lengthen your bumper.

Besides, you can avoid other players by hitting them from behind. If you crash in the front of them, you can not kill them. You can use your nitro boost to catch the enemy up if you are in hot pursuit of a target. Furthermore, you must also avoid your enemies’ attack. If you let them crash you from the behind, you will die immediately. Attempt to live as long as you can to gain the bonus points.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control your vehicle and use left click to boost.