X Trench Run

X Trench Run is one of the best games from Friv land with a 3D game engine and an elaborate platform. The players will get to play the role of a professional pilot. To survive the danger of the battle, you will have to control the X Trench aircraft while trying to break through the barrier of the enemies.

This includes some blockades and lines of defense in the space station of your enemy. While reaching the destination, you also have to dodge the incoming obstacles or shoot them down. If you fail to do so, your airplane will crash. Remember that only by shooting the core hubs can you quickly eliminate those obstacles.

Different obstacles or enemies have different size and speed, therefore, you should take these elements into account while shooting. At the end of each stage, the players must prepare for head-to-head combat against the big boss! It's hard to defeat the boss without any boosters or updates, therefore, try to gather lots of scores beforehand.

At friv for kids Games you can compete against the best AI airplanes which can automatically navigate and attack. It's the perfect game to improve the driving, controlling and aiming skills of yours! Let's start collecting useful objects from space to survive! You can gather your friends to share more fun games with 5-star ratings such as Don't Hit Me and Hill Drift 3D without a cost.

Instruction to play:

Fly the aircraft using WASD or Arrow Keys, X key to fire