Biker Lane

Kick-off the new adventure on your trusty bike with our new gaming selection called Biker Lane at Friv games for kids! It's the chance to emerge in the most amazing setting for stunts and race tracks. You, in the role of a professional biker, will control your bike and try to overcome all the obstacles on the tracks. But that's not the main point.

The scores will be calculated based on how many stunts you can create at a level and the time you need for them. This means that you have to try your best to perform the stunts with the highest quality and in the longest time. The longer you keep your bike balanced, the more scores you gain.

Not only is it a newly developed game for the fans of the racing theme but it also comes with a large range of bikes. You can explore the choices of bikes at the bike store in Try your best to unlock the bikes with the highest stars to take advantage of the capacity. Lots of levels are available for the players to freely enjoy their racing time. It's a combination of a fun driving game and a stunt simulator game!

A tip for the new players is to not push the gas or the brake for too long since that action will cause the bike to flip easily. It all comes down to your maneuver skills after all! Take up more challenges with other bike games like Motor Hero and Car Racing 3D

Instruction to play:

Use X key to boost the speed

Z for the brake, arrow keys to lean forward and backward.