Eg Flow Dots

Puzzle games with challenging levels are the perfect choices if you are looking for a mind-wrecking game to spice up the playtime. Don't miss out tons of levels ranging from Easy to Expert mode in Eg Flow Dots online game. All of these are available for free at Friv 2019!

First, choose your suitable levels from five different modes: Easy, Medium, Advanced, Hard and Expert. The division of five detailed modes makes it a lot easier for the players here at to pick out the most appropriate difficulty level for themselves. As you start off on one round, you will see a large grid with multiple colored dots. The dots are scattered around randomly.

Your task is to make sure that two dots of the same color connect to each other. Easy as it sounds, the hard part is finding out the way to successfully connect all the same points without crossing. Since the dots are located all over the places, the tips for you is to start off by connecting the closer dots together. Sometimes, moving on a longer path will also allow the other dot pairs to match easier. It would be best if you can connect all the dots and fill up the grid at the same time.

Not only will you enjoy both the colorful graphics and vibrant color palette for the dots but you can train your brain with this fun game. Channel your artistic side and have a blast with the endless fun here now! Come and play with some other choices like Pain pop 3D and Connect Lines 2 later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to match the dots.