Baby Hazel Goldfish

While two kids observe a fish tank in Friv free 2019, there is a goldfish that fells from stork's beak and falls into the water. Luckily, Hazel and Liam are there to save the goldfish and help to keep it alive. Both these kids want to keep the pet with them, however, they don't know anything about taking care of a goldfish. This is why they need someone to teach them how to take care of fish in Baby Hazel Goldfish game online.

In order to accomplish this mission, the first and foremost equipment needed is a new fish tank for Goldie. Let's join Hazel and Liam on the trip to the store and purchase the fish tank. There are different options with differences in size, length, height, therefore, you should come up with a specific design for the overall tank in mind before choosing one of those. After that, it's time to move on to the next step.

Pick any items required to decorate the interior of the tank. Can you show off your ability to coordinate the color palette and the vibe of the tanks at friv for kids Games? From the artificial fish, sandcastle to seaweed and many more, we have tons of cute and adorable items that can be used to transform your tank.

It's fun spending time with Hazel and Liam alongside with the Goldie, so don't miss out on this lovely girl game! Of course, tons of cute games for girls are replenished on a daily basis such as Baby Hazel Skin Care and Baby Hazel Fishing Time

Instruction to play:

Choose and decorate using the mouse.