One of the new fun game with the multiplayer mode is here at Friv online 2019! Welcome to, the simulation platform where you can hang out and chat with friends from all around the world while competing on the same map. You can win this arcade game by earning the most scores and be the top-rank player. Each player joins the game with his or her character. When you first enter this 2D game platform, the first thing to do is to roam around the safe zone and gather the food. The food will help your character to grow and reach a specific size, which regenerates extra EXP that can be useful for upgrading and purchasing knives from the store.

Or you can simply pick up the scattered knives on the map to create a defensive ring around your character. It's best to get a rank for yourself by defeating other players as soon as your character reaches the desired size and gain desired strength. Steer clear from the big opponent since they can kill you with their deadly rings of knives! To survive the game at friv, continuously develop your skills and try to maximize the capacity and attack power! It's a fun game in general with 2D graphics, vibrant design and a large collection of knives and characters for your usage. Don't miss out on more incredible io games like Swipe Basketball Neon and Ball Wall from our website as well!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move and gather knives.