Real Flight Simulator

In Real Flight Simulator free game, you will experience the difficulty of flying one of the latest models of airplanes. There are five different types of aircraft to choose from. The main goal is to control your aircraft according to the operation prompts and requirements on the screen. Will you be an excellent pilot? The task of controlling a plane is not easy, especially when the planes are the huge type at

In order to start a plane, you need to follow these instructions carefully. First, turn on the aircraft light as this will help you to see clearly. Then, start up the engine and wait for the startup sequence to complete. The next step is to throttle up the engine to prepare for the take-off. Don't forget to release the parking brakes and rotate once takeoff speed is reached. The standard speed is over 150 knots.

Continue to make sure that the flight is normal with your skills in this Friv free game. The experience has never been this realistic with the other games of the same genre, so don't hesitate to try it out now! More great choices that you can also play for free are Express Way Train and Deadly Race. 3D graphics and cool plane designs will make the game even more interesting! 

Instruction to play:

Roll using AD keys

Pitch using the WS keys

Yaw using the QE keys

Engine throttle using the RF keys

Interact with other features using the left mouse.