Janissary Battles

If you love minigames that have different gameplay and rules yet don't want to waste too much time finding one game after another, the Janissary series will be your perfect game choice! This game called Janissary Battles from Friv 2020 is a collection of 8 entirely different minigames combined into one game so that the players can freely enjoy such a wide range of fun.

The mechanism for picking out one game from those 8 unique retro games is also very special. You will click on the screen as the picking light change rapidly from one game to another. The game that you randomly pick by hitting the "PLAY" button will be your next challenge!

You will find the games such as Arrow, Sword, Mace, Arena, Sword, and Gun very addictive and different from each other. The goal remains unchanged, which is to be the player to defeat the opponent and gain the top scores first. Since the highlight of this game at http://frivclassic.net/ is that it's for two player games online, it's perfect for sharing with your best friend and compete to find out who's best in each mini section!

Check the statistics and the count number at the corner of your screen in the Scoreboard to finalize your total scores. How about more arcade games like Tap Tank and Zombie Massacre that also have the pixelated theme? 

Instruction to play:

Play the games using the keyboard and mouse for interactive games.