The Office Guy

The Office Guy is an epic fighting game which you can play on friv action games for free. This game tells you a story about your bad working day when you and your boss have an appointment on a building. After a while, the conflict between your boss and your client happens. That leads to your boss kills the partner with a bullet inside of his head. Thus, you must escape from this building immediately as everything gets a little messy.

However, you are forbidden by plenty of coworkers. As the result, you must kill all people who prevent you from escaping and complete all the missions to find the way out. There are totally 10 tasks for you to conquer. You have to finish all of them sequentially to unlock the next level.

You will start with the first target which is to collect the document from the employee and get the “pendrive” to your computer. After that, you have to survive for 50 seconds and get to the door in one minute in friv 2018 online games. The next mission is to kill the boss and 40 employees. If you are still alive after many hard levels, try your best to survive in 100 seconds and destroy the laptop by using the bomb. The last mission before getting out of the formidable building is to kill the big boss to collect the briefcase.

There are various models of opponents for you to knock out such as the cop or the big bodyguard. In the beginning, you possess a mace, use it to take the enemies’ heads down. After that, sometimes you can get many gifts after killing the bad guys like bombs, shotguns, machine guns and even a deadly rocket launcher. Don’t miss them out, pick them up to kill the enemies easier. Try your best to complete all the hard missions and find the way out.

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move and Spacebar to attack.