11x11 Bloxx

11x11 Bloxx is a fantastic game for puzzle fanatics. This version of friv kids game is similar to the iconic Tetris game, but the pieces don’t fall down to the bottom, you just move them and place them in the suitable position. You will play in a 11x11 grid including 121 squares.

Your task is to keep the 11x11 grid clear and remove as many full lines of blocks as possible by placing the groups of three colored stones so that they form horizontal or vertical rows. For instance, if you can form a complete row, this row will be cleared. Then, you receive a number of points.

Each time we support you 3 objects with different shapes in friv games online. All of them are made from the square boxes and they have the pattern of a large square, an “L” or “T” shape. The longer you stay alive, the larger and more complex stones you can get. Besides, you can use the support in the seemingly hopeless situations such as exchanging your stones for a new set, deleting a single tile, a larger area or all tiles of a specific color by utilizing points to get boosters. You will lose the game when you don’t have the space to put the stones.

There are many levels with different platforms for you to conquer and you have to complete them one by one to unlock the next level. The further you go, the more complex layouts you can unlock.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to put the stocks.