Fox Run 3D

Welcome to the run with the fox in this 3D game called Fox Run 3D at Friv kid game! It's the type of game that is easy to understand and kids of all ages can enjoy in their playtime. You will join the fox on the run on this endless road. While running, the path will change into turns and corners with more obstacles on the way. It's your task to pick the right timing to switch the lanes and change the direction to avoid crashing into the walls.

Since the game comes with 3D graphics and realistic features, lots of kids have enjoyed this game so far. Not only is it a great choice for having a break after work and school but it's also a good game that will last thanks to its simple gameplay. The more you play, the more addicted to it you will become! Freely roam through the maze and discover more turns that this path might show you later.

The speed will increase once you move for a certain time, which makes the game more challenging. Such simplicity in design and gameplay turns the game into one of the most popular gaming selections without a cost at If you are looking for more games like this, don't refrain from checking out some choices like Barrel Jump and Sumo Up

Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrows to turn accordingly.