The Snail game at Friv classic is an intelligent method for getting your blood running through you. Everything necessary are two individuals, some space in which they can move around uninhibitedly (the greater the better), and this straightforward however fun action!

The individual who gets going goes on their toes while clutching one side of anything item or surface will be utilized for balance like a pondside log; then, at that point, behind them follows one more player prepared with hand spoons so both may share gently tapping feet together as though moving Lindy bounce style without stepping out of line forward nor in reverse - ensuring just light taps enhance each progression towards progress until arriving at finish line at middle of everyone's attention where triumph anticipates those sufficiently capable sprinters delayed down enough previously.

Spend your time playing and check other choices of games on our site such as Jump Stacky Cube 3D. Once you play, you keep hooked for sure.

Instruction to play:

Tap to play